You Are Influential

You are the most influential person you listen to all day.  As you reflect upon what you just read, here is a something for you to consider.  What are you saying to yourself and others?  

Words have power.  As a tool, they can construct.  As a weapon, they can destroy.  They can plant seeds of inspiration and bear bountiful fruit.  They can, also, sow seeds of doubt and leave one barren.  

King Solomon, noted as the wisest man how ever lived, wrote, “The power of life and death are in your tongue.” These words of wisdom challenges you to think twice before you speak.  You can enhance your life by enhancing your words.  

When encountering difficult situations, you can refrain from the negative by bringing the intensity down.  Instead of saying, “Today was a horrible day.,” you might say, “Today was an interesting day.”

 In positive moments, you may want to take your expression up a couple of notches.  Instead of saying, “Today was ok.”, you may want to say, “Today was outstanding!” 

By transforming your vocabulary, you also transform your day and your life! Your choice to do so will not only influence you but others as well.   Keep in mind, whatever you label your experience becomes your experience.  

Through your words, you can create the atmosphere you desire, and others will be inspired!  They will want to be where you are and emulate who you are.  Keep growing and going.  It’s a good time to be you!

Peace and Joy,


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