Where Do I Fit In?

Have you ever heard this quote: “You weren’t meant to fit in. You were meant to stand out!” I’m sure you have. If not, you just did (Lol!). I have said that quote many times myself. Though there may be some truth to it, why are we always looking for a place to “fit”?

Let’s understand one thing before going further; you are an original. There is not another one like you. However, you were not meant to do life alone. There is a place you belong. As humans, we look for that circle of commonality. We desire a partner or a companion. We want a group we can call family or friends. We want to be with people whom we can relate to and who can relate with us in many aspects of life. This is a part of our unique design that many of us share.  

As an individual, yes, you do stand out. I like to compare us to a puzzle piece. Each is unique, and when connected with other unique pieces, we create something beautiful, a bigger picture. Your gifts, skills, talents, likes, and dislikes can add something missing to another’s design. You are meant to fit.

Barbara Streisand used to sing a song entitled, “People Who Need People.” In it she expresses that people who need people are the luckiest people in the world. When you have others in your life, you have support, protection, comfort, love, mentorship, wisdom, guidance, fulfillment, and posterity. Even our Creator knew people needed people. That is why He did not stop at Adam.  

There is a place for you. Just because you stand out does not mean you have to do life alone. Learn to embrace others as you find your fit. Enjoy the relationships that will evolve. Through them you will discover the wealth of the world! Let’s keep growing and going. It’s a good time to be you!

Peace and Joy,


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