Have you ever felt that things were moving nicely as you worked your way towards your goals, visions, and dreams only to come to a sudden stand still? Did thoughts of wonder, uncertainty, and discontentment run through your head? Was the urgency to forge forward so strong, yet nothing was happening? You were just standing in a time of “whatever.” 

So, what does “whatever” actually mean? Defined it means “a lack of restriction; any measure, no matter what.”  There is a moment in your pursuits of purpose, promise, and potential that you have done all you can do. Once you reach that pivotal timing it is then you wait for “whatever.”  It is at this point that you have nothing to lose yet everything to gain. You are in a “do or die” mindset. You have come to a resolve, and you are holding your ground.

As an avid runner, I have been an active participant of lacing up my Mizuno shoes and daily going the distance since 2009. This year, however, has been different. Instead of running around my community (whichever one I happen to be living in) and envisioning ways to make it better, I have been stationary in my house holding down our vinyl plank floor- in the position of planks. I have always said I could never see myself not running. I am one who will push and go and do. Athletically speaking, running can be very volatile on the body with the consistent pounding of the feet, ankles, and knees. Being a “boots on the ground” worker bee, I am used to hard knocks, beatings, and never-ending moments of endurance and perseverance. In 2021, I’ve just been still.

While holding down the floor one day, I asked God what was up. Why was I not running, and ok with that? Why was I holding down the floor or holding myself up? I seemed to be going nowhere and ready for whatever. The response I heard was profound. He shared that I no longer had to take on the miles or run towards what He said was mine. Every place my feet have stepped was being given to me. Now was the time for me to hold my ground and watch what He was going to do. In other words, having done all you know to do, stand. Also, be still and know that He is God.

During this time, unnecessary weight has been lost as well. That was not my intent for I did not know I needed to lose anything. But God knew. When being positioned for whatever, there will be some things that are not for you to carry or do anymore. Others are being raised up to take on that honor and privilege to learn and be trained.

Rejoice today in knowing that your “stand still” is not the end. You are now positioned. You have been faithful in stewarding the vision, dream, or goal. You have not failed, and God has not forgotten. You have been holding the ground that He said was yours all along. Now watch and see what He is about to do. As things have been removed from you, keys are being given to you. Provisions are being placed in your hands. People are gathering around you because they believe in what God has shown you. You are ready, you are ready, you are ready for whatever!

Let’s keep growing and going. The world is crying out for your whatever! It’s a good time to be you!

Peace and Joy,


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