What Love Does Not Do

As a leader, you know you have the right people on your team when you not only love your work but also love who you work with. As a team member, you know you are with the right leader when you love them and the organization you are connected with. Together, you are willing to speed up the process of the vision by seeing problems and challenges through the lens of “we” and not “me.” You also unite and refuse to allow personal preferences to dictate decisions.

We know that love is patient, kind, hopeful, and endures through every circumstance. However, there are also things that love is not. If you want to lead with excellence, there are practices that you may need to consider removing from your personal habits. Here are examples of what love does not do.

  1. Love does not envy. Do you become jealous when someone has a great idea? Do you constantly perceive others as a threat to your position?
  2. Love does not boast. Do you feel like you always need to remind people of your previous victories? Do you feel as though you have to make yourself look better in the eyes of others?
  3. Love is not proud. Do you feel that you are the only one in the organization who has all the answers? Are you the only one who can make decisions?
  4. Love is not rude. Do you find yourself cutting people off in mid-sentence as soon as you discover that you do not like their idea? Why would you not be willing to hear them out?
  5. Love is not self-seeking. What do you find yourself getting upset about? Who is it really about? Do you seek for your will and your way?
  6. Love is not easily angered. Are people afraid to bring you information that is true and accurate because they know you will become angry and yell?
  7. Love keeps no record of wrongs. Do you remind people of their past failures?
  8. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices in the truth. Can people be honest and open with you? 

If any of these are a reality that you see in yourself, do not despair. Remember, love is hopeful. It also conquers fear and covers a multitude of wrongs. Without genuine love you cannot effectively lead people. Insecurity will stop you from loving and from surrounding yourself with the right people. Consider today the steps that you can take to start loving and leading in the most excellent way. Let’s keep growing and going. It’s a good time to be you!

Peace and Joy,


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