What Is Your Cause?

What is a “Cause”? Defined, it means a person or thing that gives rise to action, phenomenon, or condition. In addition, it means a principle, aim, or movement because of a deep commitment one is prepared to defend or advocate. 

There are several patriotic holidays during our calendar year that tend to have me reflect on “Cause,” the principle behind movements and defenses. (Notice I did not write offenses.) A Cause goes beyond me, myself, and I. It is more than just making my life comfortable and acceptable; it encompasses and embraces the needs of others.

Washington, D.C., hails the memories of many who fought for and defended causes that were greater than themselves. For these causes they were willing to not just fight but to die. What appears to be left of the noble and heroic actions are statues, monuments, and grave markers. However, what commemorates those who were brave in these endeavors goes far beyond what our nation’s capital can contain. Generations, families, lives, legacies, businesses, freedoms, rights, values, and more result from the heroes who boldly gave all.  

When Keith and I trained for our first marathon, we had to raise money for cancer in order to participate. At a time when we needed money the most, we set our intentions on fundraising for others. Having already lost one vehicle to the insatiable appetite of the crashing 2008 – 2009 bear market, we opted to sell our other vehicle to begin funding our cause. From that sale we purchased two vehicles, one to drive and the other to “flip” or fix up and resell. We continued to reuse the funds to do the same thing over and over. Others, witnessing what we were doing, embraced our cause and began to contribute as well. Together, we successfully met the goal and supported the cause of those who needed a cure for their life-threatening disease.

General George S. Patton is quoted as saying, “Better to fight for something and live for nothing.” Years later, movie character John Rambo rephrased that with, “Live for nothing or die for something.” Both quotes inspire us to live our lives for a cause that is greater than ourselves. We each possess gifts, talents, and skills that can be used to help others. I encourage you to evaluate what you have within, what you can do to help, and what principles inspire you to action. Then, take that action. Do not delay. Someone out there needs a hero, a brave soul, a committed individual who will answer the call of their need. Will you be that person? What is your cause? Let’s keep growing and going. It’s a good time to be you!

Peace and Joy,


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