The Soldier, The Athlete, and the Farmer – True Leadership

As a child, I envisioned myself becoming many great things when I grew up. I saw myself as a veterinarian, an attorney, a judge, the first lady Supreme Court Justice (Sandra Day O’Connor beat me to that), and last, but certainly not least, the first lady president of the United States. I never envisioned myself in the professions that I operate in today: business owner, nonprofit founder, leadership coach, author, and television host. However, they do have a similar likeness – LEADERSHIP.

Leadership is what we need most in our world to guide people to the truth of who they are, what they are capable of accomplishing, and how to prepare for an abundant future. Too often, though, leadership has become a coveted position or a delusional title to be acquired yet seldom activated. When our focus is only on the name of leader rather than the responsibilities of a leader, it leaves our society in want, crying out for direction, inspiration, and cultivation.  

Today, I want to inspire you to take action as a leader. While the world is distracted by the clamoring chaos that surrounds and feeling lost in the never-ending rhetoric, this is the perfect time for you to rise up. Great opportunities are happening now.  

I love the Bible. It is an intricately compiled guide to leadership, significance, and success. In the book of 2 Timothy in chapter 2 you will discover some characteristics and mindsets that will empower you in this season. Be COURAGEOUS, like a good soldier who does not get caught up in civilian affairs but listens to the Commander and Chief. Stay FOCUSED, like the athlete who runs to get the prize. And be DILIGENT, like the farmer who is rewarded with the joys of the harvest.  

Courage is a powerful weapon against any opposition. It is not the absence of fear. If there were no reason to fear, then there would be no need for courage. However, it is a powerful response to fear. Instead of listening to the voice that brings panic and terror to your soul, listen to the voice of the One who created your soul. Don’t get caught up in the cares of your life. When a soldier listens to his commander he is positioned for victory. Some risks may be necessary, yet they will prove triumphant in the end. When you rise up others will take note. Brave hearts will follow you and do as you do.

Focus is a discipline that must be practiced daily. It combats distractions. Have you ever wondered why you cannot get things done? FOCUS. If you allow yourself to be flustered by what everyone around you is doing or not doing, you can easily veer off course and miss your mark, never reaching the prize. Do not let your labors be in vain. Stay focused on what you are supposed to do in the midst of organized pandemonium. You can successfully reach your goals, making you a better person and your world a better place as others emulate and follow suit.  

Diligence is careful, persistent work or effort. Do not just “half-way” do something. Be careful with the seeds you sow. Remember, whatever we sow is what we reap. This is a tried-and-true principle. If you sow apple seeds you reap apples. If you sow discord and dissensions then guess what, that is what you reap. Participating in slander and disunity will only bring you shame and pain. Start now sowing the seeds to a harvest that you would like to enjoy. If things are difficult and tensions are high in your workplace, do not add fuel to the fire. Begin to sow seeds of unity, peace, and contentment. Cultivate the atmosphere you desire. Where there is negativity, begin to sow seeds of positivity. You will be amazed as your healthy harvest overtakes the labor of weeds. That, my friend, is true leadership.

So, step into your position during these times. You are a great thing. Within you is the potential to lead. Start now and be the influencer that will bring people together to do great things in the midst of turmoil. Be courageous, stay focused, and be diligent. Keep growing and keep going. It’s a good time to be you!

Peace and Joy,


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