The Season of Expectancy 

Are you expecting? Expectancy is a state of thinking or hoping. It is believing that something pleasant will happen. I once heard someone say, “The atmosphere of expectancy is the breeding ground for miracles.”

Some people are afraid to expect. They fear that it will set them up for devastating disappointment. I get it. The waiting can be excruciating. And the vacillating between certainty and uncertainty can drive you insane. “Yes, it will happen. But, what if it doesn’t?” Does that train of thought sound familiar?

Here is what I have learned during the time of expectancy. While I am waiting for what will be, I am learning to live in the present moments. In the present, I can find peace, fulfillment, and important grains of seeds that are needed to plant into my future expectations. In the present, I find joy and laughter as I prepare for the days to come, knowing all is well with my soul (aka my mind, my will, and my emotions). In the present, I am assured that life is good and my future is even better. I am training myself not to miss the important, monumental agents in my current situations. I am understanding that I will need them for my future flourishing.

Should you be among those who are in the season of expectancy, I want to encourage you to move beyond fear. You see, expectancy is accompanied by activation. You dream, you prepare, you physically get yourself ready for what you believe will be. You study, you learn, you invest in your expectation. Don’t be afraid. Keep your heart and mind open in this season of your life. You may encounter something far greater than that which you were expecting. Keep growing and keep going. It’s a good time to be you!

Peace and Joy,


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