The Joy in Waiting

“Patience is a virtue.” I am sure you have heard that term before. Like many, you have probably even said that when trying to uplift and encourage a friend or an acquaintance during a difficult time of
waiting. However, it always sounds a little different, quite irritating in fact, when you are on the other side of those spoken words. Ugh!

Seldom do we like to wait. The anticipation alone can be unnerving not to mention should you go past the time of promised fulfillment only to find yourself still waiting. That is when you experience the
meaning of “hope deferred” and a sickened heart. The waiting and weight can be unbearable. Disenchantment sets in as you are convinced “IT” will never happen.

I remember when Keith and I found out we were going to have our first child. We were so excited. In our enthusiasm, we immediately began to prepare for a baby that was originally due on December 25. How wonderful, a special gift for Christmas that would certainly make the season all the merrier! As the pregnancy beautifully progressed, the due date was moved to December 27. That was only two days different. No big deal. We knew that we would receive our little bundle of joy in God’s time. We had so much to be grateful for. On December 19, I was told by the doctor that I would go into labor within that weekend. Keith and I were so ecstatic! Wow, this was really happening! We began to make all the final preparations. I cleaned house, packed my bag, and shared the marvelous news with everyone, “We are going to have a baby this weekend!”

From December 19 to January 6, I waited for our special delivery. Yes, you read that correctly, January 6. What happened? I was told I would deliver. Why am I still pregnant! What is going on. I was convinced that other women get to have their babies, I was just going to be pregnant for the rest of my life. Something so wonderful was not going to happen for me. That may sound a little ludicrous to you when you see me now three grown children and few grandbabies later (we are still multiplying). However, in those moments, I forgot how blessed and highly favored I was. No longer was I enjoying the wait as I resolved to have an issue with “God’s timing”. Everyday I cried, “Why am I still pregnant?” It was on January 6 that medical intervention brought forth my bundle of joy.

You may find yourself excited about the many promises of God upon your life. Some may have come to pass, others you may find yourself in the never-ending waiting stage. Know this, you are not meant to just remain in expectation. You are meant to hold your promises, to live them, and experience them. The waiting can become cumbersome; however, I encourage you to not lose your joy. Continue to plan and prepare yourself to receive the blessing. God is faithful and will do what He said. He will always intervene on your behalf to ensure that you receive all that He promised as you faithfully wait upon Him. May your hope continue to grow. It’s a good time to be you!

Peace and Joy,

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