The Extra Mile

I read a quote once that said, “Go the extra mile. It’s never crowded.” The extra mile includes doing more than what is required or what is paid for, giving beyond what is agreed upon. I heard it once explained as under promise and over deliver.

So, why go the extra mile? What is the purpose behind the idea? Going the extra mile in this moment will position you in the best place for the next moment. You will be ahead of the game. It is caring more than others think necessary. It is trusting more than others think wise. Going the extra mile means serving more than others think practical. It is believing for more than others think possible. In other words, it is the quality of a person of excellence, one who will not settle for offering less than their best.

What does going the extra mile look like in the practical sense? Here are a few good ideas of putting it into practice so that it can become a habit.

  1. Study while others are sleeping:  Using your time wisely to better your own understanding and increase your own knowledge can lead you to many doors of opportunity. Education is empowering and what you learn will bring solutions to many who are searching.
  2. Work while others are loafing: Work will allow you to sharpen your natural skills while you learn new ones. When you use what you have, more will come to you.
  3. Prepare while others are playing:  Getting yourself positioned is a sign of excellence. Focus is key. Be with others who do what you desire to do.
  4. Dream while others are wishing:  Believing is half the battle. Activation is imperative to make dreams become realities.

What does going the extra mile look like for you? A recent experience for me was when I reached out to our local law enforcement on behalf of our church family to prayerfully support our NCPD during their shift change. While attending as a ministerial representative and speaker to all three shift changes within three days, I took encouragement tokens with me. They were simple black wristbands embossed with my personal mantra, “It’s a good time to be you!” Thinking it was a simple act of encouragement, a huge dream of mine started to unfold. I wanted to share this message with everyone in my community. It is a phrase that challenges me and others to stop seeing the negative and find the gold even in toughest of situations. The impact of that phrase on these officers was off the chain. They have begun to share it with people in the community (including the wristbands). They are reaching people that I, by myself could not. The goal of having this as a household phrase is more of a reality today than yesterday. It started by going the extra mile.

How?- I visited shift changes that were during my busy times of the day and bedtime.

What?- I ordered more wristbands to accommodate the demand.

Who?- By going above and beyond to share and show the love, the love continues to be paid forward throughout our city by those who are receiving the encouragement of that simply phrased token.

Leadership and success begin on the extra mile. There is something within you that the world is waiting to receive.  Those who spend most their time giving of their best on the extra mile will craft extraordinary lives and live their dreams. Small steps in the right direction become something amazing. As you go the extra mile, opportunity will follow you. Let’s keep growing and going. It’s a good time to be you!

Peace and Joy,


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