The Art of Making Assumptions

Wow! Have you ever done that? Have you ever made an assumption? Yes, there is an art to it for sure. Sometimes we just can’t make the stuff up that fills our minds. However, in actuality that is exactly what we do. I have created some masterpieces in my lifetime that would cause others to question, “What was she thinking?”

An assumption defined is a thing that is accepted as true or as certain to happen without proof. Are you starting to relate? How often do we as humans, with finite minds and different ways of thinking, resort to assuming? The answer is more than we can count.  

Why, then, do we do it? The biggest reason is that we do not ask questions. Asking a question can sometimes be fearful or intimidating. Maybe we fear it will be a dumb question. Or maybe we think we may offend the person on the other side of the question. Or we may fear the answer.  Whatever the case is, stepping outside of our comfort zone and taking the risk to ask in order to seek clarity can be a lifesaver.  

In elementary school we learn about interrogative words, or words of question. Let’s reflect on them: Who, Whom,  Whose, What, Which, When, Where, Why, Whether, How. Do you remember? Oh, yeah, they do serve a purpose to aid us and empower us to seek truth, find meaning, and make sound choices and decisions based on facts and not feelings. Assumptions come from a feeling. We think others will think or feel the way we do. When, in fact, they do not. By taking the time to ask good questions, you can spare yourself hours of internal processing and mental anguish while you try to figure things out. Just ask. 

You may not always like the answers you get; however, they will be closer to the truth than what you create. Asking the right questions and gaining truth will free you from wasting your creative energy on designing a false narrative that you later have to explain because it only makes sense to you.  

More power to you as you step up and step out, invoking the power of the question. Let’s keep growing and going. It’s a good time to be you!

Peace and Joy,


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