Thanksgiving- Reaping What You Sow

We are rewarded according to the works of our hands. Reaping what you sow is an ageless principle that still is proven to be true to this day. What have you been up to lately?

It is common knowledge that if you sow apple seeds, you will reap apple trees. If you sow orange seeds you will reap orange trees. And so, it goes on and on. What have you been desiring to harvest? What is that thing of which you have need? When you plant into the lives of others, somehow in a miraculous way, it comes back to you with a beautiful return.

Thanksgiving is a precious seed. Its value is held by the one who sows it. Your thanksgiving can come at a high price. Challenges in life will try to rob you of this seed. They always present the negative and try to have you focus on the pain they cause rather than on the privilege they bear. Yes, privilege. To be chosen to endure proves you are stronger than you realize. And, through those times of perseverance you are being prepared for advancement, promotion, new levels.

The seeds you sow during those times are of utmost importance. For again, what you sow you will reap in a great harvest. Be mindful to sow seeds of thanksgiving. Your situation is hard, I get it. However, you can get through it. You can get to the other side. Thanksgiving allows you to stay focused as you travel through, what appears to be, the most difficult time of life. Sir Winston Churchill once said, “If you’re going through hell, keep going.”  This trial is not meant to last a lifetime; however, you are. You can endure to the end and experience the rewards of being on the other side. You will also have a story of hope and encouragement to share that will empower others in their times of trial. That’s your seed that you will sow into them!

As we journey through this final week of the holiday we endearingly call “Thanksgiving,” let’s not let it be our final thoughts on this subject. May you forever hold within your heart and mind the seeds of thanksgiving. May its essence surround your life and bring a bountiful harvest of blessings to you and yours in every day and in every way.

Happy Thanksgiving! It’s a good time to be you!

Peace and Joy,


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