Stress Free Zone

Stress is something that we all face throughout our lives. You may experience it on a weekly or even daily basis. Stress is a feeling of being overwhelmed or unable to cope with mental or emotional pressure. If you are caught up in this feeling, you are not alone. More and more people these days find themselves in the same boat.

As I sit here this Lowcountry morning I spot the encouragement plaque that stands on top of my refrigerator which has written upon it, “Stress Free Zone.”  It truly describes the little cottage atmosphere here at my simple yet quaint beach house on Edisto. We call our dream come true, “Living the Dream.”  For me, it is just that, a stress- free zone. At the end of each day, no matter how hectic my pace has been, when rounding that corner on Palmetto Boulevard while in route home to beach access 7, seeing the Atlantic to my left, and hearing the gentle sound of her foamy waves, all cares of the day just seem to drift into that massive sea as if she were waiting for me. The beach has always been therapeutic with the salt air bringing clarity to my soul. I would venture to say that you too are seeing, hearing, and smelling the ocean as your imagination connects with your very own senses as I share this daily experience with you.

Each day has challenges of its own that you are invited to participate in being solutions. Many times, you may feel incapable and limited in your abilities to solve those problems and begin feeling the pressure in the chaotic atmosphere of others. However, you can be calm in the midst of those storms. The peace that you have within can overflow into the very environment you are in. This peace will saturate your atmosphere bringing a sense of assurance to those around you. Assurance speaks to the souls of others, “We are going to be ok as together we get to the other side of this issue.”

Where do you find this inner peace? Great question! For me, I am intentional each day to connect with my Creator through daily meditation. Knowing me better than I know myself and giving me what I need to be my best self in any situation or circumstance, I have come to find assurance in the wise counsel and insightful words of guidance and direction. This assurance establishes a confident peace within. I may not have all the answers to the cares of the day; however, I know where to go to find them. Taking my cares to the Higher Power empowers me to demonstrate peace and assurance throughout the day. My daily meditation recharges any atmosphere I enter with positivity, creative energy, and a transformational mindset. It enables and equips me to believe I can do anything. The same can be true for you.

Issues and challenges will always present themselves to you. Just imagine how peaceful you can be remaining in a stress- free zone as you experience them. You do not have to get away to enter that zone. Remember, it is within. Remaining there can be as constant as the cares. In it, you can do anything. Others will be intrigued by what they sense when they are around you and will desire to dwell there too. Be encouraged as you keep going and growing. It’s a good time to be you!

Peace and Joy,


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