Run For Your Life


This is a humorously written motivating adventure that encourages the champion within us all. Inside the covers of its captivating insights, you will find strategies that will enable you to go the distance in any challenge you face in life. You are sure to relate to the message that is shared and will be counted among the successful as you apply the lessons that are taught through experiences of endurance and perseverance.

About the Author

Angela D. Henderson

As an inspirational speaker, talk show host, author, leadership coach, businesswoman, and ordained minister, Angela has conducted many workshops on leadership development and team building and has served as coach to professionals, clergy, stay-at-home moms, teachers, governmental leaders, and students of all ages.

Her animated messages are clear, direct, and empowering to those who attend her events. She uses the simple phrase It’s a Good Time to Be You to challenge people from all walks of life to create authentic, positive change in their lives.