Steward Well

Stewardship is defined as the job of supervising or taking care of something. Technically, that “something” usually does not belong to the steward.  It was placed in the care of the steward.  As leaders, we need to see ourselves as stewards.  We do not own people or things, but rather we have been entrusted to manage, care for, and lead well.  A good leader does not lead from a deficiency.  Rather, they see the potential in all things.  They see that everything they have in their hands is sufficient.  

What do you have in your hands?  Who have you been entrusted to care for and oversee?  Whatever may be the case, you have sufficient resources to do what you have been assigned to do.  Never let yourself be deceived into believing that you have a deficiency.  By seeing the sufficiency, you can sow generously knowing a good harvest will come and more will be created.  

Consider these differences:

Deficiency PerspectiveSufficiency Perspective
1.        Defense1.        Offense
2.       Maintain2.       Create
3.       Escape loss3.       Pursue vision
4.       Gifts contained4.       Gifts released
5.       Reactive5.       Proactive
6.       Guard and protect6.       Risk and seize opportunity
7.       Stagnation7.       Multiplication
8.       Paralyzed: Hold on!8.       Dynamic:  Let go!
9.       Narrow and closed9.       Wide and open
10.   Thinks win/lose10.   Thinks win/win

Be encouraged and steward well what you have been entrusted.  Today, you will have opportunity.  Will you take it?  You have the resources.  Let go!  Keep looking up as you fly high.  It’s a good time to be you!

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