Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone

You may have heard the quote, “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.”  This is a place where 90% of us choose to remain.  It is a place where we settle rather than excel.  However, despite the sound of it,  the “comfort zone” is not always comfy and cozy.  Actually, its main purpose prohibits us from the life that we truly desire.

For some, their comfort zone may consist of mediocrity where they resolve that “whatever will be, will be.”  For others, the all too familiar zone may be filled with fear and anxiety, doubt and limiting beliefs.  None of these things are comforting in the least.  But, when this is where we choose to settle, then this is what we get.  Discouragement and  woes tend to rule the average life making the mode mostly survival as they just get by.  This is not the life that you were meant to have.  This is not the abundant life you are destined to live.

Stepping outside the comfort zone can be scary.  However, scary can be fun.  Do you like amusement parks?  I love them all!  Two of my favorite rides at Universal’s Islands of Adventure are the Hulk and The Dragon Challenge.  No matter how many times I ride them, the twists and turns are always unexpected and jar a scream out of me and a little waving of my hands in the air like I just don’t care!  Amusement parks take our fears and inhibitions and create breathtaking encounters for us to come boldly face to face with thrills, chills, and hours fun filled rides and activities.  We enter those arenas with great anticipation and leave them with pure satisfaction having conquered what intimidated us most.

Outside the comfort zone can be terrifying and exhilarating as we find confidence and excitement.  Fearlessness tends to rule.  With that being said, fear will always present itself, however, we learn to fear less.  Dreams become realities as we hold our breath and take the risks.  Fulfillment follows as we live the impossible dream or learn valuable lessons for the next sought out venture.  Freedom is guarded and our priorities shift from survival mode to thriving mode.  Wealth and prosperity are a certainty.  We see limitless possibilities and positivity becomes a lifestyle.

I invite you to take the challenge to step outside of your comfort zone.  That is truly where life begins.  You will see what you have unknowingly been missing and will undoubtedly make up for lost time.  Keep growing and keep going.  It’s a good time to be you!

Peace and Joy,


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