Simple Ways to Change the World

You may have asked yourself, “How can I change the world? I’m just me.”  You may have thought that you had nothing great to contribute to real world transformation.  That is not true.  You have many special gifts and talents.  You may not have discovered them yet, but they are there.

While you are in the process of discovering those unique qualities, here is a simple list of ways that can get you started.  As you begin to activate a few, the best of you will come into view.  Your own special skills will begin to manifest and be recognized. 

Too often we seek the greater stages when the greatest acts of kindness are in the simple things.  You will enjoy it once you get started.  Losing yourself in service to others will undoubtedly empower your greatness.  There’s no better time than the present.  Ok, so here it goes………..

  1. Donate bus passes to a local shelter to help residents get around town.
  2. Pay for the car behind you in the drive thru.
  3. Say, “Thank you” to 10 people today.
  4. Collect or save magazines to donate to healthcare or dental offices in lower-income areas for their waiting rooms.
  5. Be a teen peer counselor. Teens want to talk about their problems with other teens who understand them.
  6. Purchase school supplies for students at a local school.
  7. Smile at a stranger and make two people happy! (you and them)
  8. Create memes for good.  Keep them clean, fun, and humorous.  They can encourage so many people on your social media!
  9. Model positive behavior to children such as reading, healthy eating, exercising, kind gestures to name a few.  This simple act of leading by example has powerful effects on how kids perceive things like right and wrong. Remember they do what they see not what they are told.
  10. Run for a public office in your community.  If you think things could be done a better way, give it a shot!
  11. Create blank greeting cards and deliver them to a senior-living facility for visitors to write words of encouragement on them and give them to residents.
  12. Leave change or dollar bills behind in areas where they will be a pleasant surprise to someone.  Good spaces include vending machines, laundromats, park benches, parking spaces.

Be the change you desire to see in the world.  Just do it!  Let’s keep growing and going.  It’s a good time to be you!

Peace and Joy,


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