See Your Success in the Seeds You SowWhere did the time go? 

Where did my money go? 

What savings? 

I will never be able to retire! 

For those who like to plan for the long term, these questions can keep you awake at night. The bewilderment of what appears to be squandered time, talent, and treasure can cause one to spiral into a bottomless pit of agony, gloom, and despair. What is a contemplative soul to do? 

I recently read a quote that said, “Define success as sowing, not reaping.” Being one who likes to share what I have, even if it’s the “last one,” this statement quickly grabbed my attention. I began to intently ponder upon its truth.

Too often, you may base your success on the outcome of increased finances or material wealth or fame. Seldom do you see yourself already having been successful at the beginning of your venture, quest, or endeavor. Take my camping vacation to Maine as an example. To begin with, Keith and I had more money in the bank starting than returning. And, breaking that bank was not on the list of things to do; however, making beautiful memories and enjoying our leisure certainly was. During our travels we visited many states in our beloved RV. We made amazing discoveries of our national treasures. We tasted flavorful delicacies for the first time. We heard stories that empowered and inspired us in building our own family legacy. We sowed extra generously into those who served us and gave of their time to ensure we had a good time. Otherwise, we would have never met them. We would like to think our paths were purposed to cross. 

As we were making our way home, we reflected on our adventure of new experiences, important connections, acquired knowledge, and plethora of education. All were worthwhile investments that added to our personal value and wealth. We will eat the fruit of each one in the days, months, and years to come. But, for now, we feel richer and wiser than when we first ventured out. 

Be encouraged as you reflect over your life. You are more successful than you realize. Do not measure your life based on someone else’s dreams and accomplishments. That’s not fair to you or them. You have your own. Measure your success based on the seeds that you have already sown and the fact that you had them to sow in the first place. The principle of sowing and reaping will apply to each one. Nevertheless, you must sow  first. Here’s to your inevitable success as you take inventory of the seeds you currently possess to work with. Always sow generously. Let’s keep growing and going. It’s a good time to be you!

Peace and Joy,


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