Receiving New Direction

Be encouraged as you are receiving new direction at this time.  I am hearing the word Navigation.

Some of you may feel that you have lost some steam or leverage during this time of lock-down. Maybe you feel a little “off course”.   However, truly the opposite was intended.  This lock-down was not meant to shut you down but to redirect you.  

We read in Acts where Paul was redirected as he discerned the needs.  Once in Asia, he and his team were not permitted to speak or share.  Nor did the Spirit allow them to speak in Mysia or Bithynia.  However, they were redirected to Macedonia where they started a grand ministry in the city of Philippi.    

While on his way to Rome to stand before Caesar, Paul was shipwrecked on the Isle of Malta.  There, he ministered and shared the gospel with the islanders.  They were amazed at the message and miracles.  They became believers in Christ.  

What seems like a shipwreck to us is perfect navigation by the Holy Spirit.  He knows the plans of God and will carefully lead us on our path to fulfilling those plans.  You are not being “thrown” off course.  Though at the time it may not make sense, your footsteps are established.  Just go with the flow of His leading.  Remember, you are on an amazing journey ordained by the Father to advance the Kingdom as you share the gospel and testify of the greatness of Christ.  Discern the needs where you arrive and minister as the Spirit leads.  

The course for your life has already been mapped out.  Enjoy the journey.  Keep looking up as you fly high.  It’s a good time to be you!

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