Provision Has Been Made

Today is a day of faith, truth and hearing.  I urge you to hear the truth and activate your faith.  Your actions will not fail nor will God be proven wrong.

I hear the word “PROVISION” being spoken over you today.  Now, what that is may look different to each of us.  We are all on grandiose assignments that are far beyond our personal resources and abilities.  

Last week I was not feeling my best and was driving down the road one day.  I began to get overwhelmed with my current assignment.  I began to wonder, what was I thinking when I accepted the marvelous opportunity to impact many lives in just a short period of time.  I thought, “Any other organization would have been wise enough to speak up and say we cannot accommodate that; however, we can do this…..”

I told myself I was out of my mind.  God, responded so gently to me.  He said, “Angela, you are not at your best, your sick. STOP thinking. You are not any other organization.  This is part a movement.   I invited you to participate with me.  You are trying to confine what I am doing based on what you have.  STOP.  Just believe.  I’ve got this.”  He began to show me more and more of what He was wanting to do beyond the assignment and how it would be a catalysts to other assignments releasing revival in our community.  Within a week, His provision came through an unexpected source.  He was not concerned at all.  He already had it before He invited me in it. 

Be encouraged today.  Hear the truth and exercise you faith.  Do not say, “I would do it only if God would do……”  God is saying, ” I already have (period).”  PROVISION has already been made.  Be bold and just do it.  God’ provision for your life is according to His vision for your life.  Keep looking up.  It’s a good time to be you!

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