Prophetic Mentorship

You can hear God’s voice.

Are you prophetic? No, not pathetic, but prophetic. Oftentimes, the prophetic call and anointing can leave us wondering and wandering. The struggles can be real as you feel what others cannot feel, see what others cannot see, and hear what others cannot hear.  

You need a strong mentor to accompany you as you learn to embrace who you are and the unique call of accountability and responsibility that God has designed for you. You need to know what He was thinking when He thought of you. You need to be familiar with His voice and the prophetic voice He created in you. When you are confident in who you are, you will never be convinced of who you are not.  

Make 2024 and year to receive the power to be EXTRAORDINARY through personal and prophetic growth and development. Invest in yourself so you can go and win the world. As a North Palm 5-fold prophet, this is a wonderful opportunity to advance to Level 5 leadership in less than one year. Register today and let’s get ready to be on our way. The adventure awaits! It’s a good time to be you!   


Online Orientation – April 11 @ 7:00 pm

First Trimester (Level 3) – April 28-June 30
> 2 Personal Coaching Calls with Angela
> 5 Biweekly Online Group Discussions
> Study of Major and Minor Prophets
> Discover your character strengths and Fruit Development

Second Trimester (Level 4) – July 21-Septebmer 22
> 5 Personal Coaching Calls with Angela
> 2 Online with Your Mentorship Team
> Identify Areas for Personal & Spiritual Growth
> Discover Your Prophetic Voice

Third Trimester (Level 5 Intermediate)- October 6-December 8
> 2 Online with Your Mentorship Team
> 5 Biweekly Online Group Discussions Lead by Angela
> Leadership Study Taking the Prophetic into for Your Mountain of Influence

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In our studies, we looked at having vision, a clear grasp, of the message that rings continually from our voice; the message that God has planted and has been building inside us throughout our entire lives. Gaining clarity and revelation of what this message is can be a pathway to improving my ability to communicate. As the message is solidified at a deep level within me, I will be able to simplify my message, because I know it so well. It then will flow freely from me, as God leads me to share it.

Shari Phillips

I’ve found immense enrichment in learning from you and others. Age doesn’t limit my need for continual learning alongside the Holy Spirit; I embrace the role of a perpetual student. Your exceptional teaching and prophetic guidance are deeply appreciated. May the God of Wisdom consistently bless you with discernment, grace, and abundant blessings as you navigate life’s journey, in Jesus’ Name!

Dr. Annette Moultrie, PHD, MBA

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