Perspective.  What exactly is that?  Well, defines it as, “the way you see something”.  It comes from the Latin root meaning, “look through” or “perceive”.

Depending on how you see something can give it meaning and purpose to you.  We develop our perspective from many different influences in life.  Your parents and upbringing can cause you to see things in a certain light.  Fears and anxieties can be imparted by those you are around more often.  We are the product of the five people we hang out with the most.  Religious beliefs, culture, and world views can impact our way of seeing things if we are vulnerable.  Have you listened to the media a lot here lately?  How does that make you feel?  Happy? Confused?  Frustrated? Uncertain? Hopeful?  Offended?  Defensive?

Our perspective can truly be a valuable gift.  It can help us sort our priorities and live the best life we desire.  An ancient proverb encourages us that our plans are established by a multitude of counselors.  And another says that we are wise by seeking out counsel.  Through proper mentorship, our perspective can be fixated on where our dreams will lead us and how to get there.   You can glean from the wisdom, knowledge, and experience of others who have been there and done that. 

Do not seek counsel from those who just talk and produce no fruitful evidence.  They are sincere “wannabes”.  They have no idea what they are talking about having not proven it in their walk. They will only make your life miserable.  Find those who have established evidence and healthy realities in their lives to back up what they say.  Through them, you will find golden nuggets to add to your treasury of information and insight as you embark on your life’s journey.  Someone once told me, “If you want to cluck like a chicken, there are plenty of them out there to emulate.  But, if you want to fly, you need to find you an eagle.”

Perspective is something that we all have.  Is the current one you have the kind you really want and need?  Only you can decide that.  If you do not like where you are going based on your current way of seeing things, maybe it’s time to readjust your perspective.  Gain new insight into your situation and views.  See things through a new lens, through the eyes of another.  I know that clarity can help get you on track to where you desire to go and be who you desire to be.  Life is meant to be fruitful and enjoyed.  Let’s keep growing and going.  It’s a good time to be you!

Peace and Joy,


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