Mindset of Freedom

Welcome to July!  It is at the first of this month of “leadership” that our thoughts reflect FREEDOM and what it means to be free.  We plan our holiday for the 4th of July.  We freely select our choice of holiday food- hot dogs, burgers, steak, ribs, chops, chicken (yum, yum!).  We freely choose our activities- beach, camping, binge watching.  All of this we do as we celebrate an idea.  However, a question for you today is, “Are you truly free?”

Freedom defined is: the power or right to act, speak or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint.  So, what does that mean?  Freedom is not only an idea that “I can do whatever I want and not have consequences”.  It is a mindset “Doing what I choose with responsibility.”  There is a difference.  The first mindset is actually an enslaved mindset.  In that thought process we only have ourselves fooled as we openly make wrong choices that not only affect us, but those around us.  It is in understanding what Freedom truly is, that we in maturity make sound choices that will bring blessings in our lives and those we love.  Those are usually not the easy choices, however, they can be the most rewarding.

Let’s walk as free people.  True leaders exercise their freedom and make the world a better place for all! Remember, it’s a good time to be you!

Unlock Your Full Potential

We believe in you!

Whether you lead a team, manage a home, or developing your personal self and identity, we believe in your dreams, purpose, and vision. There is greatness inside of you and your team. We are honored to participate in discovering that greatness. The world is waiting for is inside of you!