Living on the Edge

Ah, the beach! Summertime, fun time! Many of us look forward to the wonderful events associated with this season. Graduates make it to finish lines of accomplishments, resulting in diplomas and certificates accompanied by pomp and circumstance. Young scholars rejoice over another school year’s end as they celebrate their summer vacation by sleeping in on the first day and then every day that follows. Parents motivate their children with making vacation plans and mapping out the travel route that leads to their destination of family fun in the sun. College students hit the beaches with dreams of endless summer encounters. Ah, the beach! Summertime, fun time!

The beach is one of my favorite places. I have always been intrigued by the sand, water, waves, shells, and, yes, the people. As a young adult I was drawn like a magnet to the ocean’s edge, exploring it every summer and throughout the entire year. One advantage of living on the east coast is having easy access to this earthly paradise. For me, it never grows old.

After thirty years of living in the beloved Lowcountry, my husband and I lived a dream of owning a home on the beach. Many times, shortly after settling in, we would have to pinch ourselves to see if this was really happening or if we were still in dream mode. One day while walking along the seashore, I had a breathtaking epiphany: “I am literally standing on the edge of the North American Continent.“ If I were to view myself from Google Earth, all that I would see beyond this point is the vast huge body of water called the Atlantic. Wow, what an eye opener! I was not just standing on the edge; I was literally living on the edge!

Symbolically, water represents life situations. Sometimes life presents us with peace and tranquility that gently splash over our atmosphere, leaving us feeling safe and secure. Then other times we are surrounded with tumultuous waves and storms that have the capacity and power to cause severe damage. However, in the midst of it all we have this calm assurance that everything will be alright, even when living on the edge. The edge represents stepping out of a comfort zone, taking the risks, and seeing what happens in the midst. Some things are certain when living on the edge. The sun will shine again, and the waves will become still. Furthermore, the sand will reveal the hidden treasures that washed ashore from storms that passed.

I invite you to view your life as a beach. Boldly live it on the edge and go for all your dreams, making them realities. Do not be afraid of what lies beyond, in the massive unknown. In the deep blue are hidden treasures that will surface and make you all the wealthier and wiser. Let’s keep growing and going. Shine bright. It’s a good time to be you!

Peace and Joy,


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