Learning to Crawl Before You Can Walk

“It’s just so frustrating!”

“I wish I was further along.”

“Why can’t I just take off?”

Have you spoken those words to yourself recently? Do you feel like you are getting nowhere fast? Do you feel that others are taking off while you lag behind?

Over the holidays I had the wonderful experience of investing time with a few of my grandchildren. They are three sisters, one is six years old, one is five years old, and the other is five months old. Each are at different stages of their growth. The middle was the youngest just five months ago. She now feels the empowerment of being an older sister and has grown up rather quickly. Before she would always stress that she was the youngest.

The youngest is trying her best to move around on her own. Just learning to crawl, she likes to stand on her feet and walk with her hands. She by-passes her knees altogether. I watch her as she watches her older sisters. As if I can read her mind, she feels like she needs to quickly catch up with them. Seeing them move freely ignites a desire to do the same. I hear the frustration in her cries as she falls forward face first onto the floor. I found myself gently reminding her as I picked her up, “Baby girl, you must learn to crawl before you can walk. Trust the process.”

As a person with great ideas, ingenuity, and high aspirations, it can be very frustrating watching others go by as you appear to be going nowhere fast. You try to get up and take off only to fall face forward. Well, be encouraged. Every step of the process is particularly important to your growth and development. Even in achieving you have to trust the process. You must crawl before you can walk. Do not feel that you are not going fast enough. In each step, you will find valuable insight that will prepare you for the next phase in your growth process. To skip a step could be detrimental to your desired outcome. The result could be less than successful. Though you may feel frustrated now, it is far less painful than the feeling of lack of achievement.

So, learn to take baby steps. There is no shame in crawling. That is the beginning stages of independently taking off. You will be walking then running before you know it. I celebrate with you in the progress that you have made. Keep going and keep growing. It’s a good time to be you!

Peace and Joy,


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