Is Wisdom Chasing You?

Are you tired of appearing frantically foolish? Do you feel at times that you are the brunt of life’s cruel jokes or understated mishaps? Have you felt that you were two steps behind wisdom when it comes to your decision making? Mark Twain humorously said it this way, “Wisdom has been chasing you. But you have always been a little bit faster.” Take it easy. Sometimes you just have to stop and laugh at yourself and regroup.

It can be terribly frustrating when you rely on your own limited knowledge and beliefs. There is so much more to learn and to understand in this world. You want to appear as if you have all the answers; I get it. However, I exhort people often with this statement: “If you think you know it all, then what you know now is as good as it gets. Are you ok with that?” The truth is we do not know it all. And we are not satisfied with where we are now. Chances are, as you are reading this there is more to life that you desire. There is more that you need to know to get you to where you want to be. Yet, you close your mind to learning. Why is that? I recently read a quote that said, “Lessons in this life will be repeated until they are learned.”

Be courageous and admit to yourself that you need wisdom. Wisdom is not without its mistakes. It comes from knowing what to do and what not to do. Many failures form into invaluable wisdom as we learn from them. A mind that is open to learning will walk in wisdom from the experiences gained along life’s journey. You are not expected to already know it all. Life is about learning and gaining truth and knowledge as you sharpen good judgment. So, mistakes are expected and can be corrected. Keep in mind, failure is not the opposite of success. It is a part of it.

Your well of wisdom will be empowering. You will be able to inspire and equip others who come to drink from your well. From your mistakes, others will learn and receive keys to their personal successes without having to travel your same path. You are a pioneer who has navigated and cleared the way with trial and error so others can safely cross on their own undertakings.

Don’t be afraid of not knowing something or not having the answers that others seek. Boldly step out in search of knowledge and answers. Let wisdom guide you from one exploit to another. Be open to growing and going. Let wisdom catch up with you so you can walk together on this amazing journey called life. It’s a good time to be you!

Peace and Joy,


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