Invite Others Into Your Dream

Do you have something big that you desire to do, see, or create? Do you have everything you need to make that desire a reality?  Don’t worry if the answer is no.

Never base your dream’s outcome on what you currently have or do not have.  You just need to dream.  Then invite others to participate in that great thing you are doing.  The relationships you cultivate will be priceless. 

In John Maxwell’s book, 25 Ways to Win with People, he shares 5 levels of relationships.

1.  Readiness:  Are we prepared for a relationship?

2.  Connection:  Are we willing to focus on others?

3.  Trust:  Can we build on each other?

4.  Mutual Investment: Can we sow into each other?

5.  Reward:  Can we create a win-win relationship?

By inviting others into your dream or vision, you create deep bonds of relationships that can last a lifetime.  You will also go farther than you ever imagined.  You will successfully fulfill your life’s calling and discover significance in your destiny.  

Be encouraged and start looking now for those you can partner with to help many dreams come true.  That is what this life is about anyways- people.  Here’s to inviting others.  It’s a good time to be you! 

Peace and Joy,


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