Intentional Action

My husband, Keith, always loves to quote this phrase, “Do what you don’t want to do to become who you want to be.”  This phrase may be easy to remember; however, it’s not easy to activate.  

To do what you don’t want to do requires intentional action to demonstrate the better person who is deep inside of you.  In doing so, you become the manifest image of that person.  Who is that person inside of you?  It is Christ Himself.  More of Him begins to emerge in you as you become less like you.  

Not everyone is willing to do that. But, you are not everyone, are you.  You are the chosen one, the one who was destined to go and bear much fruit- fruit that will last. You are chosen to lead a nation and advance the Kingdom.  No, you are not just anyone.  You are the one.  You are the one who will do what you don’t want to do to become who you want to be.  Remember, it’s a good time to be you!

Unlock Your Full Potential

We believe in you!

Whether you lead a team, manage a home, or developing your personal self and identity, we believe in your dreams, purpose, and vision. There is greatness inside of you and your team. We are honored to participate in discovering that greatness. The world is waiting for is inside of you!