“I Got You.  I Promise.”

While driving down the road in a car of my dreams that recently became a reality, I began to think of a decision I had made just that same day.  This decision was to cut ties or burn another boat that I had found myself dependent upon for approximately four years.  Mind you, the number four means “productive and of the earth”.  It also means “separation”. 

I could see where making this decision could allow me to adjust my focus in other areas  of productivity.  I could also see that it was time for me to separate from something that demanded time that I was no longer willing to give though it was lucrative.  It was the financial results that I came to depend on, yet I knew that I needed to let it go.  

While riding down the road at the dusk of that day, I began to think of all things that I did that depended upon the income generated from this “boat”.  My heart  began to get anxious as I thought to myself, “But God, how……..?”  It was at that moment, I looked to the left side of the car.  In the cloudless sky that was turning sunset, I saw a glimpse of a rainbow.  I heard Him say, “I got you.  I promise.” I did not hear a chastisement for being anxious or experience a feeling of guilt for having questions.  It was with those words ringing in the ears of my heart that I began to laugh out loud.  A peace came over me and I knew it would be alright.

Noah was the first to experience the promise in the form of a rainbow.  Being locked down in a huge boat  in the great flood for forty days and forty nights, I could imagine his heart was getting anxious with wonder, “Will this ever end?”  Though he was a man of great faith, he was human after all.  The upkeep of his animal guests on the boat was laborious and cumbersome.  It was probably more than he expected, and land was no where in sight.  Sending out birds to test the waters was his only way to see if he was getting close to dry ground and the start of a new life.  In the midst of the watery way, a rainbow appears in the sky representing a promise to never fully destroy the world again with water. This was a sign of hope, reassurance, and certainty.  

With God, a promise made is a promise kept.  In your God inspired choices and decisions, you can be certain that the outcome will always be in your favor.  So, don’t be afraid to burn the boat, step out of the boat, or hang in the boat just a little longer.  What you have hoped for as a result will come to pass.  Don’t allow your heart to be weary or troubled.  He will do what He said.  You will see the desired results and live the favorable outcome.  May your faith continue to arise.  Keep growing and keep going.  It’s a good time to be you!

Peace and Joy,


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