Heal Our Land

While in prayer this week, I asked God to please heal our land.  His response to me was rather direct as I heard, “What do you think I am doing?”  

Although things do not appear to be healthy and well right now, He began to share that He was removing the scab that continues to bleed each time it is “bumped”.  He is going deep into the wound and removing the infection that has been hindering the healing process by exposing and removing the lies that the enemy of our souls and purpose has suggested to us all these years with the powerful insight of the truth.  He is using His Word as the double edge sword to cut away and heal.    He is replacing the scab with a scar.  This scar is a result of what once was but now is healed.  It is tougher and shinier than the skin.  As true healing takes place, we will be the Royal Priesthood and Holy Nation that He has assigned to our part of the world.  

We will demonstrate the unity that our city, state, and nation desires to see.  We will raise the standard that others may look up to and follow.  Christ said, “If I be lifted up I will draw all men to me.”  The solution is for us to become more like Christ by taking on His nature.  He is Royal and He is Holy.  May we be as He is.  Be encouraged.  Our land is being redeemed and healed.   As it begins in us, He will heal our World.   Keep looking up as you fly high.  It’s a good time to be you!

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