Good People

There is greatness inside of you.  So go and make today great!

“Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country.”  This was the traditional phrase that was used in typing drills across the school classrooms of our nation.  However, this statement is more than just a typing a drill.  It is a truth within itself.  John F. Kennedy quoted Edmund Burke in his speech in 1961, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good people to do nothing.”

Today is your day to do something good.  Isaiah 60 exhorts us to,  “Arise, shine for the Light has come.  And, the glory of the Lord has risen upon you.” 

You are destined and positioned for the glory of the Lord to shine upon you and from you.  You are to be a light in darkness and hope to the hopeless. Your fellow man needs you.  They need to encounter the Jesus in you.  Today, go be the “good people” that you are destined to be.  Make someones day.  Make someone feel loved and special.  Go out of your way to do something nice just because.  Make everyone around you feel like someone.  Remember, good things come to good people.  Keep looking up.  It’s a good time to be you!

Unlock Your Full Potential

We believe in you!

Whether you lead a team, manage a home, or developing your personal self and identity, we believe in your dreams, purpose, and vision. There is greatness inside of you and your team. We are honored to participate in discovering that greatness. The world is waiting for is inside of you!