From Wounds to Wisdom

“Don’t touch that! It will burn you!” These are the final words a curious toddler may hear before they undauntingly reach out their finger to touch the shiny silver object with the bright red light that looks so intriguing. If they listen to what they heard, they will refrain and become incessantly interested in something else. However, if their focus is not on the voice of warning, but rather on the desire to discover the object itself, they are unquestionably in for a rude awakening. Hot irons burn!

Now, some methodical minds are already trying to create a scenario as to why it was someone else’s fault that the toddler was burned and that child protective services should be called to remove the child from the negligent individual and a potentially dangerous situation. Yeah, ok. However, let’s take our focus to the growing toddler who is learning to listen to the voice of wisdom and understanding.

Proverbs is a great book of virtues, a moral compass for everyday living. Proverbs 4:5-9 shares the importance of gaining wisdom and understanding. We are encouraged that even if it costs us everything we’ve got, go after it. What that means is we learn from mistakes and failures. These painful events can be dramatic and traumatic. They can even leave physical, mental, and emotional wounds. However, if we truly learn, the price we pay is our ego, our self-importance, our own limited thought processes, our insistence to blame others for our mistakes, and our foolish pride. In return, what we gain is priceless.

Wisdom, true knowledge, and understanding having “been there” and “done that” cannot be taken away yet be appropriately shared. So, when engaging in something new, there is always something to be learned. Whether you listened to the voice of warning or whether you learned from what not to do, you can become wiser and more mature in what you now know to be true. Do not permit the wounds from personal choices to mar you for life. Rather learn from the scars that remain and be empowered with wisdom that did not come cheap.

Let’s keep growing and going. It’s a good time to be you!

Peace and Joy,

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