Don’t Take Things Personally

Do you drink poison expecting another person to die? Of course, you don’t. However, when you choose to take things that other people do or say personally, that is a perfect metaphor of what you are doing. Here is what happens when you harbor an offense and when you choose not to.

When offended, you feel that your feelings have not been considered. Your feelings have a way of often getting in the way. As you learn to manage your state and make conscientious decisions on how you will respond to someone else’s mannerisms, you will begin to see that what someone else does or says is not based on who you are but rather on who they are.

When offended, you feel that your input has not been valued. You have to believe in yourself. Be willing to put yourself out there. Sometimes you will be right on target with your ideas and insight. Cherish those moments of receiving a pat on the back. And you can also cherish those moments of being corrected or informed. These are times of learning and increasing your capacity of knowledge. Do not despise them or those who initiated them. You have the potential to be a better you because of them.

When offended, you feel that you have been disrespected. Disrespect can be a master teacher. Just as much as we learn from others how we want to be, we can also learn from others how we do not want to be. Disrespect challenges our personal character and who we choose to be in spite of it. The key is to always show respect in return. A gentle response can disengage someone else’s dishonorable intentions and can set an example that others will want to follow. This, in return, develops you into a master teacher.

So, though we are none perfect, be intentional about not taking things personally. Every situation has the potential for you to learn and grow. You will be amazed at your personal progress during some of the most trying situations. You can do it! I believe in you!

Let’s keep growing and going. Great things are happening. Shine bright. It’s a good time to be you!

Peace and Joy,


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