Dance Undignified

Today, I am hearing the word DANCE.  It has been said, “There are many shortcuts to happiness and dancing is one of them.”   King David was one who loved to dance undignified before the Lord.  Some did not approve.  However, that made him want to dance all the more wildly and carefree.  

I remember a few years ago Keith and I took dancing lessons.  Our reason was that we were tired of looking like we had four left feet at all the wedding receptions we attended of family and friends.  We decided that we would learn to dance and “wow” them all.   After taking the lessons we feel more confident on the dance floor.  We still look like we have four left feet, but oh man, we have fun! It is safe to say that life has its stormy challenges.  However, do not wait for the storms to be over before you dance.  Learn to dance in the rain.  Learn to dance through the pain.  Learn to dance undignified.  Anyone who says that only sunshine brings happiness has never learned to dance in the rain!  Keep looking up as you fly high.  It’s a good time to be you!

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