Challenging Your Limits

Have you ever said, “I have reached my limit!” or “I’m done!” or “Enough is enough!” Maybe your limit “go to” phrase is worded something like this, “I can’t anymore!” or “I won’t” or here’s a good one, “It’s just not meant to be.”

To really want to accomplish something and to hear those words, even sadder to say those words, can make it impossible to climb that wall that suddenly appeared on your pathway to success.  Walls are challenges that rise up as you venture forward to live the greatness that is inside of you.  This greatness was destined for you from the beginning of your life.  You were born for this.  Now, something stands in the way of you and that great thing. This challenge or wall can sometimes dishearten even the most positive of individuals.  But what do you do when you seem to reach that limit?

While training for my first marathon, I was told by my running coach that there would come a time when going the distance that I would face a wall.  Now, this was not an actual wall she was talking about.  It was a mental block, a place where voices ring loudly in your ears telling you, “It’s over, you cannot do this.  STOP! You’ve reached your limit.” She shared that it is at that moment that I would  make the conscious decision to push forward or quit.  No matter what the outcome, I needed to be prepared to accept the truth that it was my choice

Not having experienced this wall moment, I started out for a rather long distance run one day.  Part of the route included the Arthur Ravenel Bridge that stretches from Mt. Pleasant into downtown Charleston.  I ran that bridge before, however, not at this particular mile marker.  While running up the steeper Mt. Pleasant side, I began to hear the voices.  At first they were faint, but each stride they became louder and louder.  The top of the bridge seemed to get farther and farther rather than closer and closer. I was approaching the WALL.   My mind became so tormented if you could only image. The mental anguish took its toll and my focus.  Caving into the torment and pressure with an outward loud yell I declared, “I can’t do this!  I’m done!”  It was a long walk back to my car.  While riding home, I discovered the pain in my heart was more excruciating than the torment in my mind when I remembered what my coach said when facing the wall, “No matter what the outcome, be prepared to accept the truth that it was your choice.”

The realization of allowing the wall to defeat me only challenged me to take it on again.  Yes, you read that correctly.  When you want something bad enough you will take the wall.  That is exactly what I did.  I ran the same route and took the bridge at the same mile marker.  Yes, the voices returned to join me, and I recognized them.  I heard them loud and clear.  However, this time, I chose not to allow them to distract me. I had a bridge to get over.   I began to encourage myself with some of my favorite Scripture verses and positive quotes.  With that empowered mindset, I was able to reach the top and coast down the other side.  The other side of the bridge was so nice and relaxing even in the midst of a long run.  Gravity was on my side and getting to the end of other side was the reward for the choice I made that day. 

Every day, you have a choice.  Your limits can challenge you or you can challenge your limits.  If you never get past the wall, you will always be limited by it.  This wall can appear in any area of your life where you are desiring to excel.  Expect it and get over it.  It may stop you once, but never let it stop you twice.  Let’s keep growing and going.  It’s a good time to be you!

Peace and Joy,


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