Caught in Cycles

Cycles can be never ending.  I read a quote once that stated, “Follow me.  I’ll be right behind you.” (Anonymous).  That’s the crazy thing about cycles.  They sort of go “round and round”.  Just when you think you are in control, the roles switch.  

Cycles are a series of events or patterns that are repeated in the same order.  Some cycles are good.  They keep the earth in order and bring balance in our lives.  Other cycles can be destructive and keep us from growing and moving forward.  These cycles always have a familiar starting point. The way to break the habitual unhealthy cycle is to recognize that starting point.  It usually begins with a familiar feeling or thought.  

What are some current  destructive cycles that you find yourself in?  Take control of the negative thought and cast it down (2 Corinthians 10:5).  Declare the opposite to be true.  Destroy it by thinking and doing something good in its place (Philippians 4: 8).  As you start truly taking control, you can break the negative cycle that has been keeping you from being and doing what you desire.  Here’s to new positive cycles that will take you where you want to go!

Now is the time to look up. You’re flying high!  It’s a good time to be you!

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