Behind The Masks

“Ugh, these masks are unbearable!”  You may have said these words to yourself lately. In the viral season that we are living in, we try to do all we can to prevent anything from getting in or flowing out that may reveal contaminations. Our reasoning is that we do not want to be infected or infect.

However, prior to the pandemic, many of us were already wearing masks. These masks are not as noticeable for they cannot be seen by the natural eye. It covers your real identity and presents an altered you. Being unsure of who you are robs those around you of the gift of you. I know that was a mouth full but please allow me to expound.

You are a masterpiece. There is not another one like you. You are a unique design with amazing dreams, ideas, gifts, skills, talents, and possibilities. You add value to the lives of others just by being in them. You are purposed to make our world better.

Too many times, you have allowed the perception of others to alter who you are. In an effort to be accepted or approved, you have hidden behind the mask. An interesting thing about a mask is that you can still see the eyes. It is said that the eyes are the windows to the soul. In reality the mask cannot hide the true you. The only one hoodwinked is the one who wears it. See, the soul reveals everything through actions, deeds, and words. By not being your true self, you are unhappy and weary. This unhappiness is eventually exposed, and you are not able to keep up with the charades.

I, too, once hid behind a mask. I was not confident in who I was and what I offered. I was always striving to be who I thought others wanted me to be and was miserably failing. I could not measure up with the façade. I grew weary of being fake. Was it possible to be free to be me without anyone else’s permission? I was well on my way to finding out! Taking a huge risk, I made the decision to remove the mask.

I am so glad I took that step towards freedom. I am happy to share, I have never looked back. Every day, I look forward to living more of that purpose and empowering others to do the same. Today, I invite you to be you and come from behind the mask. Having been hidden for so long, you may need to embark on a journey to discover who that is. You may need time to grow into that person and learn to appreciate the idea of you. I urge you to do whatever it takes to bring that person to life once again.

The world needs you, the REAL YOU. Within you are solutions to real world problems. You are the missing piece to someone else’s puzzle. It’s time to discover and appreciate the masterpiece of you. Keep burning bright. It’s a good time to be you!

Peace and Joy,


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