Are You a Pioneer?

During this month of August, Keith and I intentionally set out on a grand adventure to take our 2006 Cedar Creek RV across country from Edisto Beach, SC to Keystone, SD.  Our destination as we ventured out was Mount Rushmore with hopes of seeing other US attractions along the way.

Our first stop was in Kentucky at the Ark Encounter and next to the Creation Museum.  At both of these amazing sites, we discovered how powerful the human mind actually is.  It was created to envision, strategize, conceive, plan, and calculate. Everything that is done has already been done by others who lived long ago in another time and another place.  Many were pioneers starting out to accomplish something for the first time establishing a continual process of how we can make and do things better. 

Next we camped in Ohio.  There we visited the Pro Football Hall of Fame.  We were inspired by those who pioneered this favorite American pastime.  Passionate players who dreamt of becoming the greatest in their sport.  Starting out with minimal protective equipment to what we have today.  The game has always been rough on the body, and now the equipment is continually improving to keep that body safe.  From the first time ever played up to modern times, the game never ceases to bring out endearing fans all across the country. 

We also visited the famous Christmas Story house on Cleveland Street.  Yes, that’s right, Ralphie’s.  It is actually in Cleveland, Ohio in the heart of the steel industry of our nation.  It was amazing to see a product of innovation in this small town that time forgot.  Again, we were introduced to pioneers of a skill and a product that keeps America among other nations operating and growing.

While driving along US I-90 onward to South Dakota, we saw much of America’s farmland.  There are endless rows of corn as far as the eye can see from Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, to South Dakota. The land was so beautiful to view.  There were no tall buildings, stores, neighborhoods, or businesses, just farmland.  Keith and I conversed much about the pioneers of this land.  We wondered what they envisioned as they came westward in the great expansion.  Today, it appears to be the breadbasket that feeds our great nation.  Witnessing this vast site truly gave us a new appreciation for our nation’s farmers.

Approaching Mount Rushmore was another moment of pioneer awestruck.  To see a dream for a National Treasure become a reality in 14 years’ time.  It provided work for many during the Great Depression as well as gifted a legacy that many people today travel across the country to view in person.  It commemorates four of our nations greatest Presidents during her first 150 years establishment.  They too were all pioneers in their office as they lead a baby nation to become a world leader all during times of war and civil unrest.  

All of this was made possible through the dreams of pioneers.  A pioneer is a person who is among the first to settle or explore an area or an idea; one who ventures into the unknown or unclaimed territory; one who opens up new areas of thought, research, or development. Conditions may not always seem in their favor, but their drive, passion, and purpose bring those things that are not into existence.  

Within you are many possibilities.  You have the capacity to share them, embark upon them, develop them, and create them.  Your mind is brilliant and formed in the likeness of your Creator.  You have ideas in which you can invite others to participate to make a reality. The question is are you willing to be a pioneer?  Our world needs pioneers to keep moving towards and bringing out the best that mankind has to offer.  Are you a pioneer? Don’t be afraid to go after what may appear odd or strange to others.  Later they will be thanking you for making their lives better because of it.  Let’s keep growing and keep going.  It’s a good time to be you!

Peace and Joy,


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