A Thanksgiving Blessing

It is safe to say that we are truly living in challenging times. And, where there is a challenge there is also opportunity. This opportunity will allow us to live, grow, and walk in a new since of being and purpose.

These days, we all find ourselves navigating through a pandemic, feeling fascinated (aka frustrated) with the current supply and demand issues of our favorite products which are more in demand than supply, and preparing for our treasured holiday traditions that will be unlike our anticipated customs. In the midst of all this change during our most wonderful time of the year, we can create some new customs that are not purchased in a store or cost any certain amount of money. These ideas are powerful within themselves and can create an abundance where there appears to be lack. Here they are simply worded in a blessing, “May you live by faith, grow in grace, and walk in love.”

May you live by faith. Faith we are told is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not yet seen. Many live by “seeing is believing.”  Faith says, “I believe even if I don’t see.”  Faith allows you to take the risks and go after the impossible. It empowers you to leap out of the boat and walk on water. It ignites your soul to have a “never give up” mentality and be intentional about your words, actions, and deeds.

May you grow in grace. Grace is unmerited favor. That means it is a pardon just because. Realizing that we are none perfect, including yourself,  it gives you permission to take those risks and even fail. It also gives you permission to be patient with others who fail. Grace is looking beyond another’s fault and seeing their need. We do not always a get our “just rewards” and I for one am grateful. However, we can give pardons, forgiveness, and mercy. That is a priceless offering that will never be forgotten.

May you walk in love. The opposite of love is hate. Hate is heavy and hard to carry. It weighs us down in our heart and emotions. Love on the other hand empowers us. It allows joy to flood our soul. It frees us to be more than our weaknesses, pain, and hurt. It causes fear to leave and wrong done to us to be erased. Love is the greatest gift of all.

I invite you to join me in being intentional this year to extend greater blessings and gifts. Do not allow yourself to get frustrated over the challenges. Use this time as a way to start new customs and enhance your relationships through true genuineness. So, may you live by faith, grow in grace, and walk in love. Enjoy this season. It’s a good time to be you!

Peace and Joy,


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