A New Beginning

Today will be a new beginning for all of us.  Yesterday is gone and tomorrow has not arrived.  Today you start new and fresh all over again.  The mercies that you used yesterday are renewed today.  Yesterday’s failures will be this day’s lessons and building blocks.

Perspective is everything.  It means either a certain attitude towards something or a point of view.

A view is a focus.  Keep in mind you get in life what you focus on.  So, if your perspective sees negative, then negative is what you get.  If your perspective sees positive, then positive is what you get.  Neither is incorrect.  They both exist in the same circumstance.  However, what you gain from that circumstance depends on your perspective.  

My husband and I recently purchased a home with land.  With the former owners of the estate passing away and the heir living in Alaska, it sat empty and unkept for three years. During our transition to the property, I found out that a family member of my husband had viewed the same property in their search for a home. The pictures online were pristine.  However, what they saw with their own eyes spoke volumes of way too much work. They were immediately turned off by the true condition of the land and decided it was not for them.   When my husband and I visited the property, we saw a diamond in the rough.  We envisioned what could be.  We were excited at the possibilities and immediately knew we wanted it.  The work it demanded did not intimidate us.  We were ready for the adventure it would bring. This was the same property viewed with two different perspectives.

Ask yourself today, “What do I really want? How do I desire this day to be?  What outcomes do I seek?”  From there, you can adjust your attitude/perspective as you focus and get the desired outcome.  We all will experience today.  As motorists, we may all sit in the same traffic.  As consumers, we may all experience the same prices.  As a community, we may all have to prepare for the same weather. On the other hand, there will be some things you will encounter that others will not. From these experiences, what will you take away?  

Remember, not all things will be considered good, but good can come from them. 

I celebrate today with you.  Here’s to your new beginning.  Let’s keep growing and going.  It’s a good time to be you!

Peace and Joy,


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