A Baby Changes Everything

There has never been a statement that is truer than that.  A baby does change everything!  As we celebrate the birth of our second grandchild, Keith and I find ourselves in turbo mode to get things done at home quickly so we can make an anticipated journey to West Virginia to hold our newest family member. Being born a week early, the joy, the laughter, the excitement, the planning, the quick thinking, and the last-minute tasks that need to be completed before leaving all of a sudden are needed to be done NOW!

You always need to be set on ready and in great expectation to the many dreams and desires that are inside of you.   Even though you have planned your work and worked your plan, you never know when that moment of breakthrough will happen.  When it seems that you have waited and waited to no avail, it is at that moment that the unexpected expectation becomes a reality.  And there you are living that moment that has, up until now, only been a guarded conception deep in your heart.  That is the moment everything changes.

What do those changes include?  Well, everyone has a different situation that they birth their special dream into.  One thing is certain though, life is bound to be better, more challenging, more adventurous, and  more demanding.  What?  Well, just like a much-desired baby, there is a delicate time when you have to get accustomed to the new thing.  There will be a change in you as a person as you embrace the responsibilities that come with what your heart has been in great anticipation of for so long.  There will be tears of joy and tears of frustration.  There will be great awakenings and sleepless nights.  There will be planning and then throwing those plans aside to make new plans.  So much awaits to look forward to.  Yes, everything will change.

I am excited for you.  Here’s to living your dreams sooner than you think.  Here’s to receiving what your heart has been longing for.  May you have many happy and teachable moments with each one.  Be happy in your changes and keep dreaming!  It’s a good time to be you!

Peace and Joy,


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